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  • About Me: Dutch Cryptomaniac since december 2017. I hate myself for having ignored this for so long... (forgive me for saying something stupid every now and then, English is not my native language)
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It's a mess. I use CoinStats for several months, and tried this once again, simply adding my portfolio, it is simply un-doable. Prices and values all over the place, I can't enter a simple portfolio, currency, amount I posses, and calculated market value, why is this so hard?

For example I try to just simply add:
1.5 BTC
5800 ADA

It should be as simple as that. Just enter these values and track current portfolio value, why on earth is this so complicated......

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    • Really, you should have a look at CoinStats (the phone-App).

      • altpocket used to be good, but for some reason they had to fuck it up

    • They ain’t getting paid for this man. At least not in this market.

    • Just another ****coin.

    • yes indeed, yet another BTC fork lol......youre best off just buying BTC in my opinion

Well this was one nice alt-buying-el-cheopo-day. Altcoins were cheap, bound to go ^

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I withdrew 0,028 BTC, costed me a fee of 0,0038 BTC, leaving me with 0,024 BTC. That is just insane. And now the waiting begins. Will it ever arrive....

    • this is why bitcoin cant continue to ever get a insane price due to the inefficiency of the unauthorised transactions and ridiculous fee costs. B
      Bitcash is the solution to this issue.

    • Hate to say so, but its true. I have some time to rethink. Most of my portfolio was BTC. I spread much already and I tend to reinvest the BTC I sold to other coin(s).

    • That's why I stopped BTC usage.
      Buy Ether and exchange that with other altcoin
      Buy ether send it to other exchange (cost 0.5 cent) then convert the Eth to BTC (lose or gain 1 or 2$ here, depend on market) then buy any coin with BTC.

      So far, I have been surviving in crypto world without any BTC transaction for last couple of months.

    • Bitcoin will be the gold...other coin the money. Or lightning tech saved bitcoin

    • I sold all of my BTC before this crash. No regart!
      Buy ton of Ether which are far more usable .

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Who of you wouldn't mind receiving your paycheck in BTC? That's something to think about right? I'm very curious who would dare to say YES to that. And that's exactly what 'volatile' means in everyday life.....

    • No way in hell lol. My bills don't change, taxes would be brutal week to week, and if you happen to get paid during a spike and the it crashes you are screwed...

    • So there you go, no-where near global adoption ;)

    • I'd be fine with it. I'd withdraw the amounts I need for daily life and let the rest make it's move.

    • @dylandeheer that is if the network is not congested.

    • I dont mind

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My goodness. It is best to have some funds on Bittrex just in case. I am waiting for almost an hour (make that two hours, just read the tx on 'Etherscan') for some ETH to deposit on Bittrex.

    • Ethereum network is slow as hell

    • Just now a few moments ago, after almost 2 full hours (!) it shows up @ bittrex as a pending deposit. I deposited LTC to Cryptopia and that took a few minutes....

    • Try depositing BTC in to Bittrex. Took me legit 6h. LTC took me only a few minutes. Got to love LTC!

Ledger wallet (chrome app) officially sucks. Transaction of ETH failed due to not enough gas. What do I know. Raise gas, try again, no luck. Now it says 'not enough funds'. Well I DO have enough funds, blockchain transaction failed. I sure hope I did not lose my ETH now somewhere in cyberspace!

    • Damn!!!! Ethereum has been acting up lately. I sent ether from ledger to an exchange it said it was sent. Never showed up in the exchange. Came back home from work and noticed it was still in the app

    • I am totally stuck right now. Can't send ether, no funds available. Yet it says ETH is available. The failed blocks prevent me from sending / trying again......

    • BTC is just not an option. Sending an eq. of $150 and then seeing a transaction fee of $30 is just rediculous. - On the other hand at the current rate of decline this $30 will be burnt soon anyhow...

    • Check to see if your transactions are being confirmed on etherscan.io. Your money is safe likely, it's just tied up.

    • Already saw I only lose my gas not my amount of eth. However the Ledger wallet is confused now, as far as the Chrome app concernes I'm out of ETH. Yet it displays an amount of ETH nonetheless. Stranges things.

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    • ****

    • Do not fear the dips, instead look at the trendlines on a monthly scale to reimburse your optimism!

Amazing.... The coins i held the longest gained the most. That should be a lesson....

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    • Anyone who had coins up till Sunday would have probably gained...anyone purchasing now is loosing dude....

    • @spencerc - Why should you lose if purchasing now? Think the market is growing even more and more 2018.

    • Hmm yes

    • The real question is; should one wait for a dip, or just go for it!

    • Indeed.... There has been a dip, after goiing sky-high, I managed to sell and buy back in, now it's up, slowly but surely again. I have set my selling point....

    • Yea, been looking at the charts for a while now. It's starting to dip again. Hoping to buy myself a jewcy amount of XVG.

    • I count on it raising a bit more before a new dip will come. We'll see. I am in need of large amounts of alcohol to be able to deal with this....

    • Don't you think it is too late now to buy XVG ? It can burst any time now ?!

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Megan wrote
Hi Bob. What time will be the meeting ?
Hi Megan. It's at 2.30PM
Megan wrote
Will the development team be joining ?
Yes sure. I invited them as well
Megan wrote
Noted. For the Coca-Cola Mobile App project as well ?
Yes, sure.
Please also prepare the quotation for the Loop CRM project as well.
Megan wrote
Noted. I will prepare it.
Thanks Megan. I will see you later.
Megan wrote
Sure. See you in the meeting soon.
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