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  • About Me: Humans have hidden the true nature of economic behaviour behind any number of euphemisms, but the truth is what it is.
  • Favourite Tokens: Nebula has not listed any favourite tokens.

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Well there is a problem with poll.

Buy opportunity is rising. But which one would be best choice to buy?

    • EOS

    • @itaylan Yeah. EOS is my favorite too.
      I'm thinking to enter at 13k sats.

    • @Nebula doubt we ll see 13k sats EOS unless the whole thing crash and burn but gl by any means :)

    • EOS will be huge

    • how could i search in CMC ?

    • I meant search bar on the right corner @stephieweb.

    • Their new logo is much better, but it doesn't really fit in with the site in my opinion.

What the hell is NCASH? They have more than 90K members in Telegram.
Do you think it's a good project or another sh*tcoin?

    • got a strange feeling its gonna shoot up, dont rly believe in it tho

    • Ncash got added to binance this morning and dropped about 82% however it seem to get a boost as we speak,

    • Looks like they’re crashing. Not much info on the coin in CoinMarketCap. I have nothing to go on for this one.

    • crashed* not crashing. going up

    • David Hay has some in his portfolio. But I don't know...

    • I'm going to get some #POT a dime bag worth

    • It's garbage.. all of these types of coins are garbage. You might as well put your money in dogecoin or teresa may coin. The fact these types of coins get any money put into them adds to the whole media fueled hilarity that is "crypto currency"

    • The founder is a genius (seen any video interviews?) and it's a long term investment... Take advantage of weak hands and those who wanted to make quick money.

    • its a solid long term investment. Im holding 1358 myself and i believe it will reach 1$ - 2$ within a year. I think if you hold even longer it could reach up to 10$ too (if the global market cap rises too)

    • Buy MORE!

  • What is your Cardano (ADA) price prediction eoy 2018?

  • 0%
    0 users voted on this
  • 67%
    6 users voted on this
  • 33%
    3 users voted on this
  • 0%
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Megan wrote
Hi Bob. What time will be the meeting ?
Hi Megan. It's at 2.30PM
Megan wrote
Will the development team be joining ?
Yes sure. I invited them as well
Megan wrote
Noted. For the Coca-Cola Mobile App project as well ?
Yes, sure.
Please also prepare the quotation for the Loop CRM project as well.
Megan wrote
Noted. I will prepare it.
Thanks Megan. I will see you later.
Megan wrote
Sure. See you in the meeting soon.
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