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(sorry, it wouldn't post my response to the below post)

@Alfa_Q What a joke. All makes sense now. As you said, chasing money. Come up with the idea, half ass everything to partial completion, then move on to the next project. I've had aquaintances take this route with various things. Nothing is ever a success...just bounce from one idea to the next.

I knew nothing about the Apex Legends site. How sad. What an insult to the VIP'ers with paid accounts. I never saw the benefit of a paid account when I arrived, but if you want to ignore free loaders like me, that's fine. (Though, I still consider myself a customer, like I would call myself a Google customer by using their free services). But why are you ignoring people who supported you financially? Only one reason...you don't give a shit. It takes 30 seconds to respond something to those people.

How hard is it say "Guys...I suck. I thought I could handle this...I can't. It's over my head. I'm working on it, I really am. I don't have an ETA, but I'm doing my best and one day it will be completed. I'll update regularly on it."

But that's too hard. I don't know what each persons responsibilities were, but with @Edwin @Svennson @James @Alfa-Q were all blue and none bother to even make posts or respond to anything anymore. No one should be more active here than you all.

If you're done, say you're fucking done. Don't leave people here wasting their time if you have no intentions of completing this project. This site could have been great. It could still be great. At some point, probably not far off, you've crossed the road of no return. If you want to be taken seriously, learn to communicate with your user base. But it's no surprise...

Look at when the site went down for days. That should of been the clue right there. I freak when one of my sites goes down for 4 minutes at 3:00AM for a server reboot. People tell you through Twitter about issues, but it seems no one cared. Then you provide some half ass explanation of like "still bugs in the new release". That is perfectly fine, shit happens, but why did it take so long to correct? It was like the person making updates didn't even visit their own site to see the issues. And why will no one communicate properly?

@ManiMoto I haven't gave them any money, but have supported the team and concept. I've wanted nothing but great success from Altpocket. I love the concept. Great shit takes time to build out. But this has gotten pretty ridiculous. This isn't unbased criticism. We could of been on bullrun 2.0 recently and this site can't handle the traffic. If it can handle the traffic, no newbie is going to stick around because of the other issues and people sticking around is the whole concept. You've had how long to fix the issues or hire it out to someone who can? Altpocket 2.0 was a disaster from the beginning, so why was it never reverted to 1.0?

@Alfa_Q If you think it's disappointing, take a look at Crunchbase angel investing. They raised at least SEK1.2 million. If this is Sweedish Krona, that's $132,000 USD. Sorry, but nothing about this site is worth $132,000 USD.

Respond something. Tell me to fuck off. Delete the site and change it to "penis" the next time I try to visit. If you're done, give it to @blurber and let him try his hand at fixing the code. Communicate and don't leave people hanging.

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    • I see they raise a great amount of 1.2 MIL SEK + whatever we contributed

      I will talk to my team and see if we can come up with a game plan and I will consider to make my company sponsor phase 1 and if needed later go after investors.

      • Keep us updated on how the talks go with James.

    • To clarify, "Alfa-Q" (which is literally me lol) and @James are/were just a moderators (James also wrote articles though). Meaning our responsibilities don't really go beyond ensuring that people follow the rules when making posts (like no referrals and stuff), answering tickets, and cleaning up the discord... I've never even met any of these people in real life, I just helped out during my free time when I could...

      We can only ask so many times when things are supposed to get done. Every time the answer is "next month" or "soon" so we were just as clueless as you guys lol.

      Learning of the Apex Legends site was quite disheartening, it's when I realized they gave up on this site and why I left the discord and demoted myself on the site to a regular user. The other reason being that it was a complete ghost town and I wasn't really doing anything as a result.

    • Ah shit man. I’m sorry. Lol. I thought you were an Alfa Q imposter. Lol I didn’t realize that was actually you since I didn’t know you went from blue to red. Sad that even as moderators they wouldn’t communicate with you.

    • I had to split my posts up as they were too long.

      Hello, @ThePtero @blurber @ManiMoto . Altpocket has been running for a rather long time now and over the course of that time you are correct, we have raised money and whatnot. That money is almost gone and has mostly all been spent further working on the platform. The money has paid for allowing Edwin and Svensson to work on the site full-time without needing another job, hiring developers, hiring companies to work on things, and other various expenses. Over the past couple years, the money has since come to a near end, running out. As disappointing as it may be to hear, the site has always had bugs and as much as we attempted to fix them, they kept showing up again. We haven't been able to afford the senior developers and along the way, some money management mistakes have been made, as with all new companies.

      As much of a dream as it has been to launch this platform and see it get to where it has gotten, it is rather devasting that we are no longer able to afford to continue working on it. We have always had constant communication and Lewis, Edwin, Svensson and myself met each other earlier last year, breaking the barrier between internet strangers and working together as a team. Alfa had not been at Altpocket at that time. In the case of true transparency, he honestly just left the Discord one day and disappeared, we had no idea what happened to him and he didn't tell us at all that he was leaving which was rather sad.

      • You are right. I made assumptions and jumped to conclusions. It was immature of me to just suddenly leave the Discord instead of discussing this in the Discord.

        Please understand that was quite frustrating for me to learn of this second site though. Given the current state that Altpocket was in, the lack of discussion in the admin discord (it was quite dead when I left) and the fact that I had zero involvement or knowledge of this other site, to me this all pointed to the worst case scenario... And to add salt to injury, as someone who also donated $100 to the site and was willing to spend my free time helping out users, it felt especially insulting to discover that the founders were running this tournament site (which costs money to run) without investing it back into Altpocket which desperately needed fixing. Obviously your explanation clears up a lot of this confusion, but at the time, I didn't have this information. I'm sorry.

        It wasn't right of me to jump to conclusions and leave like that. But I also don't believe it is right to keep members who have supported altpocket in the dark for prolonged periods of time and leaving them with empty promises time and time again. I hope the rest of the team learns from this site and uses it as a valuable lesson going forward.

        I wish you the best of luck,

      • No need to apologise @Alfa_Q , I'd consider it a warranted reaction and the Discord certainly was getting more dead and dead and there should have been more communication. Thanks.

    • I notice you accused us of "chasing money". This platform was never created with that intention, in fact, it was never going to be public. Edwin created the initial platform as a way to track his own funds and following requests on a forum, opened it up for others and began to work on it. The platform has never been about making money to get rich quick and then ditching it. We have spent as much as we can to make it the great platform with no bugs that works flawlessly, but as you can see, that failed.

      In regards to the Apex Legends site. That was started by Svensson when Apex Legends launched, aiming to become a popular tournament site. It has actually had a rather small amount of money spent on it as it has not needed us to hire developers for it etc. You would be right in thinking that a small amount of Altpocket's money has gone towards it, however, the investors were presented the idea of the platform and wanted to go down that route as it appeared to be more profitable. We secured a relatively small amount of money for that platform which may not last much longer unless we can get more funding.

      There is still a long list of bugs on Altpocket and it is not financially viable for us to fix them, nor is it affordable as we can't afford developers who know how to fix them.

      • I jumped in on VIP during the second round of it being sold. Concept for this website was great and I wanted to support it. I am obviously angry that the money I spent seems to have been wasted on a pipe dream of something that has never been what it was advertised as.

        This being said, managing 'businesses' is not as straight forward as most people think. It is not surprising this has ended up here based on everything involved.

        I am just adding this to the pile of dead coins, closed and hacked exchanges and all the other items in the crypto space that have failed because of people jumping in without a solid enough plan.

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    • STO failed so they are shutting down as a result. Most orders are now sell orders, very few people buying leaving those who were late to the news out of luck... Down by 90%

      What a shitshow 😩

    • Damn! Shitcoin galore otra vez

    • If you don't break this resistance in a couple of days, if I see the possibility of another fall. At the moment my target is still 10,000. When I reach 9300-1000 if I wait
      see blood again

As I was cleaning up my desktop, I found this screenshot from 4/26/2018. As the market heats up again, remember no one knows what the future may hold. While I personally believe in my Asspulled Analytics™, sometimes it too can be stinky. Caveat emptor.

( I redacted the name of the first response to not call anyone out by names)

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This post has been edited and is not an authentic ThePtero posting. Yes, I am confessing. I am not actually a goat lord. I believe Kim Jong Un has something to do with this, though!

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    • Lol and of course this makes no sense, as the image showing 5039 likes I gave to @ManiMoto's fuck reply did not upload.


      • I'm using my desktop to use this site... a complete desperation move.

    • When will be mobile version launch.?

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