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  • About Me: Marine science grad student trying to make a little money & be involved in the future of tech and finance (both of which I'm new at)
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Is there a silver lining to the downturn? Is now a good time to trade altcoins for major cryptos (BTC, ETH, etc)? For example, when I bought into Tron (TRX) it was trading against Ethereum at 0.00006383 but now the current trade pair is 0.00009235. Would it be smart to trade my Tron for Ethereum while ETH is down? The difference in prices is only 0.02 USD per Tron token (or $36 total for my TRX holdings), but when you consider the future growth, and reliability, of ETH, is that a good idea? I'm still trying to understand trading pairs...

    • Nobody knows for sure. In the end you can’t really go wrong with ETH, but then again, TRX may be more profitable short-term, should the markets pick up again. It’s up to you in the end :)

    • The market is consumed with retail investors / speculators. Nothing is likely to change until the first institutional investor raises their hand. And that's not going to happen until a proper custodian for holding crypto assets appears, which is seemingly more and more important with each passing day in the light of those exchange hacks. Too easy.

    • TRX is launching mainnet soon, which might bump its rate vs. Ethereum. Generally the strategy of shifting alts that have pumped into BTC and ETH is smart and will make your portfolio slightly less rocky.

      • Still wishing I'd traded my Trx to a major crypto when it skyrocketed a few months back. I was a total noob then. Now I know for next time...

Phew. I have been avoiding checking in too much over the past few months. My Blockfolio graph looks like Mt. Everest. Just been #hodling on for dear life... How's everybody?

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Got my Ledger Nano S today! They were back-ordered and weren't supposed to arrive until March 22, but looks like they hammered more out early. Time to play with my new gadget...

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    • HODL hardware wallet from Universa. Good alternatives of LN and Teazor

    • Sale season, everything 50% off.

    • I'm just holding right now. Already put in as much USD as I'm comfortable with. But I am watching a few coins for after I book some profits.

    • I wish I had more fiat or any profit to invest. Sadly I do not. Gonna get my tax return in a couple of weeks but by the time I get it and manage to get fiat into the system, who knows where we'll be? HOPEFULLY not still here... or maybe hopefully so I guess.

    • @ericpocket Yeah I want to look into investing in some traditional stocks with Robinhood, too. Hedge my bets.

    • Mine too. Sad times :'(

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    • 404 ? relax i'm jocking, just wanted to say something ;)

    • Put $50 in and don't touch it for a year. Don't invest anything big into it hasn't even got a working product..

    • @cryptomatt Yeah it's definitely early on. But then again, finding that project in its infancy is a way to reap rewards. Thanks for the advice

What are people's thoughts on BCH? At first I was dismissive and it seemed like many in the community felt the same way. What's to make it better than any number of 2nd or 3rd gen cryptos? The familiarity of the name? The fact that it's listed on Coinbase? Or does it really have something going for it? Wallet Investor has it going up to $8,000 in a year and $30,000+ over the next 5 years...

    • B-cash ; bitcoin cache .No Bueno.

    • Yeah those predictions seem kinda outlandish to me

Anybody else try to disguise how much time they spend checking their portfolio/researching crypto? My friends & roomies already probably think I'm a little nuts...and now (during this downturn when my portfolio is in the red) isn't the time I really want to be explaining things to them...LOL

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    • Consider you already lost your money, don’t check your portfolio every hour, don’t waste your time, enjoy real life, and enjoy your profit in few months or year

    • @JeanC I do! I'm not on here so much that it's interfering with my life...but also more than I'm willing to admit to 'outsiders'..ya know? ;)

    • Will they still laugh when you have your new lambo

    • @Cryptosaiyan That's when I'll tell them all...as I drive away into the sunset. mwahaha

    • It's a phase, you'll grow out of it.

I've been looking at ADA, AION and DRGN during this dip. What are people's thoughts? I'll probably pick up some XLM too since I don't have any yet.

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    • ada is quite solid but a "sure"(in crypto ways) bet means less profit. heard a lot of good things about drgn not in it jet but thinking about it in the near future. Don´t know aion jet.

    • Too high market cap already on all of them imo, which is of course safer, but less profit as @bully1992 mentions it :)

    • I would definitely get ADA and DRGN if I didn’t already have some.

    • I've been buying bits of ADA for awhile now. It's definitely a long term buy as opposed to a quick runup kind of crypto. But the project is amazing and could end up being one of the best investments in crypto. I honestly can't speak for the other two, hard to research everything. XLM is a good one too.

    • ADA and especially DRGN have had their hype and pump and big pumps already. AION I'm not familiar with.

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So, if South Korea decides not to ban crypto, but to regulate it so it's no longer anonymous, do you think the market will still bounce back? Crypto trading in the US isn't anonymous & yet plenty of people have invested.

    • Regulation is an eventuality, so yes.

      I don't think South Korea will ban anything, but if they do it would be ICOs. ICOs already exclude US customers etc in most of their T&Cs, as its unenforceable, it won't really stop anybody.

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Megan wrote
Hi Bob. What time will be the meeting ?
Hi Megan. It's at 2.30PM
Megan wrote
Will the development team be joining ?
Yes sure. I invited them as well
Megan wrote
Noted. For the Coca-Cola Mobile App project as well ?
Yes, sure.
Please also prepare the quotation for the Loop CRM project as well.
Megan wrote
Noted. I will prepare it.
Thanks Megan. I will see you later.
Megan wrote
Sure. See you in the meeting soon.
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