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Altpocket - The altcoin portfolio tracker

The only tool you need for showcasing, tracking and sharing your cryptocurrency investments.

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Easy to use, advanced and free.

Altpocket is the only application you need for tracking your cryptocurrency investments.


Altpocket is completely free of charge and is also 100% ad-free.


Give impressions to users and follow them for notifications on new investments.


Altpocket supports importing from multiple exchanges to minimize your work.

Powerful & Elegant Design Layout

Something we are really proud of is our easy to use and understandable UI. By putting alot of focusing on the user experience we came up with something that we believe you would enjoy.

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How it looks

Take a look why over 30000 people choose Altpocket.

Core features

This is what you can expect from us.

Unique investment system

In comparsion with similar websites we offer a unique investment view, each tranasction/investment is displayed in a beautiful way rather than all added together.

Advanced import functionality

We worked hard on developing our import functionality, simply add your API keys to our panel and then click import, it's simple as that.

Day & Night theme

Are you a night owl? We got you covered with our nicely colored and designed night theme.

A bright future

Altpocket is in good hands, Altpocket launched in May 2017 and a lot has changed since then. Here is what is coming soon:


People Use Altpocket


Investments tracked on Altpocket


We know you have a lot of questions, here is our most frequently questions asked and answers.

What is a verified investment?

A verified investment is an investmenst that has been verified by the system automaticially, rather than entering all the values manually, the system reads the exact values from your exchange by importing your trade history.

How safe are my API keys?

Your API keys are 100% safely stored offshore and encrypted, we also took extra safety measures by making it so it is not visible for anyone to see who the API key is connected with. However we still recommend you to enable Read Rights only.

Do you plan to monetize Altpocket?

Like all successful websites do, we grow. Our server costs are no longer the cheap $5 a month it was 6 weeks ago. Our plans is to introduce some kind of monetization smoothly that will fit the website and it's purpose. However keep in mind that Altpocket will always be AD-free.

Can you choose a display currency/fiat?

Yes, there is a area where you can choose which display currency you want. Currently we support over 9, however you may request any new currency that we don't support and we will most likely add it.

Do you take account for BTC price when invested?

Yes, we do. When you make a manual investment or import from either of the supported exchanges, we directly get the price of BTC the day of investment and then compare it with todays value depending on what display currency you have enabled.

Who is the people behind Altpocket?

Altpocket was founded by Edwin Flataunet and Jonathan Svensson from a small town in Sweden. Initially they developed a E-Learning platform which was completed in April 2017 but then decided to pivot into Altpocket and put E-Learning in the past and aim for the future.

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