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In the spring of 2017, we recognized a growing problem in the cryptocurrency business. Although the crypto sector was thriving, most investors used more than one exchange to trade crypto; making it hard to comprehensively track one’s investments. We realized that as cryptocurrency adoption would continue to increase, these issues would only worsen. This is why we created Altpocket - a one-stop shop for all your cryptocurrency needs. Whether that is tracking your investments, sharing and discussing cryptocurrency with a vibrant community, or following the latest ICO listings - Altpocket has got you covered.


Keeping track of one’s investments across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges is hard. Moreover, traditional portfolio trackers mainly cater to experienced investors, lacking the functionality to learn more about cryptocurrency - thereby discouraging new users.
Altpocket intends to create a comprehensive, one-stop shop for cryptocurrency tracking, sharing and learning. At the same time, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive service, which is both accessible and functional for experienced and inexperienced cryptocurrency traders alike.


Cryptocurrency and the blockchain are just beginning to make a tangible impact on how we lead our lives. We are adamant that this is the beginning of a paradigm shift that will have far-reaching effects.
We aim to create the number one social trading platform for cryptocurrency and become the only crypto platform you will ever need. Furthermore, we aspire to connect cryptocurrency users in meaningful ways, as well as to further the general knowledge on the issue - and to solidify our position as ”more than a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker”.


The cryptocurrency community is a testament to the internet’s awesome power to bring people together. Altpocket helps facilitate a small part of this, by connecting crypto aficionados and beginners alike to each other and to relevant content.

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