Free Cryptocurrency - How to guide

12 Aug, 2018 at 17:58pm

Free Cryptocurrency - How to guide

Cryptocurrencies - everyone wants them, not everyone can afford them, but not everyone knows how many ways there actually are to obtain small amounts of a coin without having to spend money. Bare in mind, if something sounds too good to be true, it generally is - cryptocurrency generators don’t actually work and are scams, it is also highly advised to never send coins to people who say they will send back more or duplicate your coins. Never send any money to anyone and don’t share your private keys.

Affiliate Programs.

An affiliate programs usually consists of referring someone to a product or service, who then purchases said product or service. Often called a referral system, they can be accessible to everyone and a great way to start earning cryptocurrencies without having to spend money. Luckily, in the crypto world, there are many opportunities to partake in affiliate/referral programs, one of the most popular being with Coinbase. For every person that you refer to Coinbase, if they sign up through your referral link and then trade $100 USD worth of a fiat currency, within 180 days of registering, you both will receive $10 USD worth of your fiat currency. As shown, referral schemes can be a tremendous way to earn money with little effort, but the challenge is to get friends to sign up who actually want to trade their money for a cryptocurrency. To share your referral links, you should create a blog or website and make videos on YouTube, but don’t spam links everywhere. Altpocket does not permit referral or affiliate links to be shared on our platform.


An airdrop is when a coin is being distributed to a large amount of people at random, as if it was dropped from the air. This is commonly done by taking a capture of the blockchain, for example, taking a snapshot of all Ethereum address that exist before the 29th of August, 2018. This list of address shall then be used to send an Ethereum token to everyone on the Ethereum network, who is on the list. This can be an incredibly effective way, for companies, to distribute a coin or token to a mass amount of people and to gain activity and visibility for a coin or token. For users, this can be a great opportunity to get free tokens or coins, the token NOBS (No BS Crypto) did a survey for their airdrop and typically distributed between 10,000 and 20,000 NOBS to everyone, that is worth between $10 and $25, at the time of writing.


A faucet is a kind of a reward system and a way to get minute amounts of cryptocurrencies for free, over a period of time. You’ll typically verify a captcha and press claim, or a similar button, and you’ll receive a miniscule amount of that coin. Faucets are rather popular but rather unprofitable and a waste of time. Usually, the websites contain many many ads that have been placed by the faucet’s owner, providing a way for the owner to make a lot of money whilst only giving you a small share of the profits. It is generally not recommended to use faucets due to how small of a return you see.


Mining can be a great source of revenue and is a job for many people. Around the world, there are many mining farms, which whilst being costly can provide a great return on the investment. You don’t actually need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get into mining, you could just use your current computer. Installing some mining software like Honeyminer or a command line interface like EthMiner can allow you to start harvesting cryptocurrencies through the power of your graphics card or processor. To get into serious mining, you need powerful, expensive equipment, but to do it for fun on the side, you could use your computer and see a small return, but be aware that your processor and graphics card will start to die over time.

Image Source: Financial Tribune


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