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New Landing page, blog and support center.

Welcome to the Altpocket 1.9!

For the past 3-4 days we have been preparing for our re-launch of Altpocket, you may wonder what this re-launch actually means?

Well, we have been up for about 2 months now and we just acheived 5500+ users which is a great achievement, however we believe it's time to take switch gears and go full speed towards the moon.

With the re-launch we have started collaborations with users across w...

Say hello to Altpocket dashboard 2.0!

We just released our new dashboard 2.0.

Here is some information about the whole update:

Introducing the all new Altpocket 2.0 Dashboard.


For the past 1-2 days I've been working hard on refreshing the dashboard.

The dashboard is the first thing you come to when you log into Altpocket, therefor I thought that it needed some refreshing.


New features of the dashboard:


Updates from 17th July to 21st July


As you might have known already, we are preparing for a re-launch which should come very soon.

Before this re-launch we are looking to add as much content and useful features as possible and we are working really hard on making this platform as good as possible.

We also decided that from every Monday to Friday we will document all changes we have done to the website and on every friday we will post the weeks chan...