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or email at [email protected] is a platform where you can showcase, track and soon manage all your cryptocurrency investments. But it isn't just a regular platform, we want to gamify the whole investment part by adding aspects to the platform which makes the whole experience gamified.

There are a number of possible reasons that this could be happening, for example, if your investments were imported from Bittrex then please use the CSV import feature that can be found on your import panel, the import panel can be accessed by hovering over the drop down, then selecting 'New Transaction', on your investments page.

It’s also possible it’s because of the Pricing API being incorrect, this is where we get your prices from to calculate everything. You can change the source for this in your Account Dashboard.

If you’re still experiencing incorrect prices, please make sure that your investments (if entered manually) we’re entered correctly, otherwise, please feel free to open a ticket so a staff member can investigate this for you.

Absolutely. Our goal is to add every exchange that we possibly can. You can see the ones that are coming soon on the 'Sync Your Data' panel.

Once your keys are in the system, you need to go to your portfolio, and going into the drop down, click 'New Transaction' and select ‘Import Transactions’. You will then pick the exchange and be added into a queue and it should finish shortly.

If you’re premium, no problem! Just sit back and wait and your latest trades will show up soon. For those on the free tier, head over to your portfolio and open the 'Sync Your Data' panel, then hit the ‘Sync’ button on your exchange.

Both. When you import trades from an exchange, we grab all of your current balances and all the trades related to those balances, including those you've made in the past. This allows us to make a time line of your investment history, all in one place, to see every trade you've ever made. It is the easiest way to track your assets.

All API keys entered into our system are safely stored on encrypted and secure servers. No one is able to access your API keys and when looking at your keys, it is not visible as to who a key belongs to, allowing no one to link your keys with your account. We only ask for 'Read Only' permissions with API keys, so make sure you disable anything else!

Privacy is one of our top priorities, and to help us accomplish this goal we added a feature allowing you to restrict your profile to only yourself, allowing no one else to access it, preventing other people from viewing your investments. In order to set your profile to private you will have to disable the public profile option under your Account Dashboard.

Not at the moment, but that is one of our long term goals, currently Altpocket is for tracking and showcase of your portfolio.

  • Our ticketing system can be found here. Please categorize your ticket correctly and it’s priority, it will be answered shortly.
  • Our Discord server offers a safe and secure environment to chat with Staff and users alike

Of course! It’s extremely simple, you can select your desired currency in your Account Dashboard, and switch between BTC and your chosen one seamlessly on your portfolio page.

We currently have an iOS and Android app in development, and this is expected to be arriving in late Q3 - early Q4.

Altpocket will always be free for those who do not wish to pay, and ad-free, but for those wanting extra features we offer a premium version too. This comes with lots of extra features:

FeatureFree TierPremium Tier
Social FeaturesYesYes
API ImportingYesYes
Mobile ApplicationYesYes
Multiple PortfoliosNoYes
Skip Import QueueNoYes
Auto trade-pair selectionNoYes
Fee SupportNoYes
Tax CalculatorNoYes
Multiple Keys Per ExchangeNoYes
Analytical FeaturesNoYes
Automatic ImportingNoYes
Animated AvatarsNoYes
Access To Premium Mobile FeaturesNoYes
Real-time Virtual MinersNoYes

Please e-mail [email protected] regarding all 2FA reset requests. Please provide your Altpocket username.