New Landing page, blog and support center.

Welcome to the Altpocket 1.9!

For the past 3-4 days we have been preparing for our re-launch of Altpocket, you may wonder what this re-launch actually means?

Well, we have been up for about 2 months now and we just acheived 5500+ users which is a great achievement, however we believe it's time to take switch gears and go full speed towards the moon.

With the re-launch we have started collaborations with users across websites that will help us advertise Altpocket and bring it to the top.

This fall we are looking into having an investment round where we already have a few interested investors, on top of that we are looking into recieving support from our region which will grant us money to hire a second developer.

With this relaunch, we have done the following and are still working on:

* A brand new landing page

* A brand new self built knowledge base and help desk.

* A brand new blog and self made blog system (What you are looking at right now)

* A brand new logo in the works by a professional, which will help us re-brand Altpocket.

* A shoutbox that can be found on the dashboard.

* A updated interface for referrals.

* A social feed that will bring the community together (Soon)

* A big data and chart update (Soon)

* Better import for bittrex (Soon)

* More exchanges added to import function (Coinbase, gdax, cryptopia etc)


I hope you are ready for this re-launch as we believe this will put us even more ahead of our competitors!