Say hello to Altpocket dashboard 2.0!

We just released our new dashboard 2.0.

Here is some information about the whole update:

Introducing the all new Altpocket 2.0 Dashboard.


For the past 1-2 days I've been working hard on refreshing the dashboard.

The dashboard is the first thing you come to when you log into Altpocket, therefor I thought that it needed some refreshing.


New features of the dashboard:

* A much better layout and cleaner look overall.

* Many more widgets.

* Widget where you can select 4 coins to track personally:

* Widget where it shows your top 4 holdings (Summed up, so if you have 10k on bittrex and 10k on poloniex it will show as 20k!)

Shows how much you have of the coins

Shows each coins percent change last 24 hours

A graph representing your holdings

Overall percent change of your portfolio last 24 hours

* The classic profile widget, showing your impressions, current profit and net worth

* Widget which shows claimable badges, this is still being worked on as we add more badges. (Awards are now Badges)

* Widget which shows your investment timeline, grabs your last 5 investments and orders them by date, stating how much you purchased at which date.

* Widget which shows your referral count, referral URL, last referral and last 5 referrals.




* And finally our new status update system!

The status update system is a social feed where the users of Altpocket can communicate with eachother, this is a step towards more engagement between users.

Here are some features:

* Post, Edit, Delete, Like posts and comments

* Tag users by writing @username, a menu will display users with similar username as you write.

* Coin Emojis, write "::" and then the coins name and a menu will display coins and their logo with similar name as you write, or you can just write ::TAG:: where TAG is the coins tag (SC, BTC and so on)

* Hovering the coins icon will display its name and its percent change last 24 hours

* Image embedding, either click the camera icon in the bottom and then enter the image url or simply do [img]Image URL here[/img]