Updates from 17th July to 21st July


As you might have known already, we are preparing for a re-launch which should come very soon.

Before this re-launch we are looking to add as much content and useful features as possible and we are working really hard on making this platform as good as possible.

We also decided that from every Monday to Friday we will document all changes we have done to the website and on every friday we will post the weeks changelog on the blog.

Every week we will have different focuses depending on what we think is needed right now or what the users want, so this weeks focus was smashing bugs, making the sites design more friendly and some social stuff, so here is this weeks update log!


Update Between 17th of July to 21st of July


New Features & Content:

1. Brand new dashboard.

2. New Social Feed supporting posting, commenting, liking, coin emojis and much more.

3. Worldcoinindex added as a price API.

4. Two factor authentication fully added.

5. Support of MYR currency added

6. Badge system rewritten to now support custom callbacks (ex: views, likes, referrals)

7. Page view badge added with automatic callback (200 views)

8. Manual investments now supports total paid in EUR, USD and AUD. Also supports AUD per coin

9. You can now choose each coins color on the dashboard.

10. Redesigned Login page/Register page and Reset page.

11. Dashboard now supports infinite scroll when going through status updates.



Bug Fixes:

1. Manual investments now counts in total profit.

2. New Question notification not linking to Question (Staff)

3. New Answer notificatio nis not linked to Question

4. When visiting removed question it gives error exception.

5. Changelogs showed exact same changelog on every update.

6. Amount of users on the landing page is not updated in realtime.

7. Mined assets not showing up on net worth.

8. Icons not working in sidebar

9. Badges on dashboard not having same icon as on /badges

10. Issue with % and profit on investment page.

11. Issue with profit on profile and every else when displayed price was BTC

12. Multiple coin emojis in a status update or comment broke comment.

13. Login button now shows on small phones.

14. Profit not displaying proper profit, now supports all manual sold profits.

15. Dashboard breaks when a coin doesn't exist in database

16. Blog logo had wrong url, took you to an error exception

17. Fixed major error when visiting the dashboard.

18. When visiting a user that doesnt exist it would give you an error exception.

19. Fixed a bug with IOT/IOTA coin showing wrong price.

20. Fixed an bug with the dashboard showing wrong profit.

21. Fixed an bug making it so you can't register on mobile phone.

22. Fixed an bug where all users could see the make sticky and delete question button on the support panel.



1. The 4 coins on the dashboard is now fully configurable.

2. /team page was removed and is now /about

3. Dark theme text color changed from white to a more darker color.

4. Hide option on manual investments is now named Remove

5. Moved some blocks on the landing page

6. Register today button had margin added on landing page.

7. All Badges has had their icon redesigned.

8. Badge page has been fully redesigned

9. All badges now has a progress bar.

10. Added 20+ coins

11. Holdings widget on dashboard now supports all your investments instead of just 4.