We need your help

As you might know, recent weeks have seen cryptocurrencies grow at an unprecedented rate. Every crypto platform has seen dramatic, exponential growth in new user uptake - something Altpocket has experienced firsthand. During the last few weeks, Altpocket has rapidly gone from averaging close to 200 new users per day to 800. This begs the question - what does this entail for Altpocket?

Altpocket’s core team is still only made up of two people, but even now we want to take Altpocket to the next level. We are looking to expand Altpocket, push out updates faster, have a more meaningful interaction with the community, and finish developing our mobile app as soon as possible.

Achieving all of this is simply not possible with our limited resources. However, a fortunate opportunity has arisen whereby if Altpocket manages to raise $12,000, our incubator will step in and double that. This would give us funds of over $36,000 - something which would enable us to do things that is way beyond what we are currently capable of.

Therefore, we reach out to you for your help. Help us raise $12,000 by pre-purchasing our premium plan (slated for release in early Q1 of 2018) and allow us to dramatically accelerate our development. Together we can shape Altpocket into the platform we all want it to become. If we succeed with this campaign, we will also be able to use it as ”proof of payment” in our ongoing search to attract investors, which would make continuing to develop Altpocket even easier.

All price tiers are exclusive to this campaign. Furthermore, Lifetime Premium on Altpocket will never again be purchasable after this campaign. There are different rewards based on your contribution, and users who contribute more than $100 will also get the limited, once in a lifetime rank ”Backer”. Included with this rank is access to our private backer group, where we will discuss, showcase and ask for feedback on upcoming features, as well as discuss what the priorities for Altpocket should be.


Help us today by pre-purchasing our premium plan, you can find more information about our upcoming Premium plan and also our roadmap in the link below.