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So here we are with another downswing(crash). Which whale precipitated this?
Just liquidated my assets and returning them to 'reality'. Some are gonna say I don't have the stomach for it but, it's really a matter of logic. I should have listened to Warren Buffet who is not a hater but a genius investor. This shit will NEVER go mainstream because of it's very nature. Any system that is unregulated and has the human element will be inherently corrupt because we are all self serving scumbags. Think of every financial scam that has ever existed and it is being worked with crypto. No legitimate financial institution or people for that matter are going to throw their money away on a system that has no stability or regulation when there is already one in place. I've learned my lesson and will NEVER use crypto currency to make monetary transactions. I'm not saying there isn't money to be made but it'll be blind luck short term or part of a pump and dump scam, shilling, or some other illegitimate operation. Wish you guys all the luck. A lot of good people here many of which are self delusional looking for those Lambos. It's not going to happen for 99% of you. Pay your debt off or invest in a tangible asset like a small business or something. GL all.

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    • Hey man, good move exiting if that's the way you feel about it, would be stupid to hold if you think crypto is a scam.

      This isn't a crash though. it's people taking profits after a run up. Or, maybe it'll turn into a crash because people always panic about everything in crypto, but I doubt it.

      I am not sure crypto will be adopted as currency or not, but some projects like VEN, ARY, etc, that have use cases that have nothing to do with currency, are why I feel good about crypto being adopted long-term. It'll look different than it is today to some extent I would think. But I do not believe it's a ponzi scheme, it's just that whales are manipulating things heavily. The SEC has expressed a desire to regulate the market, which would probably be a good thing.

      By the way, not trying to convince you, just sharing some thoughts about it for the benefit of anyone reading this.

    • Better out than in if you've too much skin in the game.

    • ohhk, bye bye!

    • You've been fudding every downswing. Just leave if you feel that way.

    • @hyprCoin I have and have been waiting for a momentary upswing. I'll be monitoring this profile which is technically empty now to see how things are going from time to time. You do realize that if this were a real market these would be cataclysmic swings to our economy. BTC has lost more than half it's value since December. I realize that many of you are young, inexperienced or whatever, but these "swings" as you call them are not swings. If the DOW lost 50%...that's a crash but, GL anyway.

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Cheapest coin to cash out to Coinbase with from Bittrex and Binance if I want to liquidate everything out of the market back to USD?

    • I would say BCH

    • BTC has the most liquidity and limit orders are maker with no fees

    • then I'm out.

    • Good luck. To be honest, despite all the white-knuckling, I'm finding it easier and easier to hold. It seems clear to me that crypto adoption is going to happen. The SEC seems favorable, and that's just the US. Big institutional money is set to enter and some big-time investors have publicly talked about how they're investing. Projects that take time to come to fruition are going to start actually being usable, and adoption will follow.

      IMO if you held this long it's kinda crazy to get out now. But you gotta do what you gotta do. I just think you'll kick yourself a year from now. Selling out now would be like buying Amazon or Google stock before the dot com crash, then selling when it reached your entry point of $100 again. I mean I guess it depends on what you invested in.

    • @EricPocket Still don't know whether a lot of projects are gonna get adopted though. Companies can develop their own blockchain, Samsung has already announced that it will do so.

      Verge just got integrated with some porn sites and the market didn't react well, more the opposite if you look at the plunge of Verge.

      Therefore, if companies rather than using existing blockchain create their own ones, what will stay are currencies like BTC, probably privacy currencies like Monero and fast / no fees currencies like Nano.

      I am still holding all my coins, but I am more sceptical than you on a global adoption for existing blockchain rather than creation of new ones by States and corporations.

    • I like that crypto is anonymous. I like that it's decentralized. I, and most legitimate Americans do not/will not like that it is unregulated. No one is going to use a currency that is unpredictable. My porfolio has shifted a couple thousand it a couple of days. You think banks are going to trust their bottom line to a completely unregulated currency where shillers and scam artists and collapse a currency over night? The USD is not perfect but, it's way more stable than these. 4 months ago BTC was twice what it is. Think kids are going to use cryptocurrency to fund their Steam accounts or Twitter if they wake up in the morning and their account lost 70% of it's value? You can sell them on it initially but, after that the first burn they'll be out. This will never work unregulated. I know a lot of you want to buck the system but, our system is in place to create stability. This is the wild west.

    • @EricPocket I doubt any legitimate institution will adopt unregulated blockchain. There is virtually nothing stopping anyone from scamming. So I fund my porn account with VERGE then a combination of the VERGE owner dumping his shares(see TRX) and pump and dump groups and whales artificially inflating the price of the coin. Then it collapses and my porn money becomes cents on the dollar. Why would I do that when I could just use dollars? What's the incentive to risk my value? All of those things I mentioned are highly illegal in the stock market. Enter the Wolf of Wallstreet. He was a literal pump and dump group and his ass went to jail. You cannot jail these people because...it's unregulated.

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    • or just hodling and stop checking price every day

    • if u mean sell when u break even. then what was the point in getting them in the first place. but if u mean after a decent chunk of profit then sure go ahead

    • The stock market is better than this. **** at least Phillip Morris give me quarterly dividends. I've bene HODLing and I just keep seeing whales **** with the market to take profits out of our pockets. Getting out while breaking even is better than taking losses. There's going to be a massive market correction when the whales finally pull their **** out and people like me decide to re-invest in something more stable and profitable. Think I'm gonna open a dispensary instead of 'hoping' that one of these coins goes to the moon.

    • @DPR that's what I wrote below in another post. I don't want to blind myself with fake optimism.

      I give myself another year or two, but if it still goes like that, I'm out too !

    • So the last time I heard this it went lower. It’s like the damn thing is listening to us. Quit asking maaaaaan!

    • ****

    • maybe the market is taking my question as a challenge

    • The TA people that i follow are saying it may go as low as 5k before we hit bottom. They also say if it falls through 5k it could go as low as 1k which would be catastrophic for the market. I'm choosing to HODL it out, I think its time everyone decides whether to buy or sell soon and stick to it.

    • At this point I think it's too late to sell.

    • With the stock market crashing too it's probably fiat. The question is where it will go.

    • Typically when people liquidate a coin they liquidate it in to another coin. For the coin market to be dropping the FIAT has to leave the market. Theoretically.

    • im guessing a decent chunk is in tether and people are just waiting for the optimum moment to buy back in

    • I really dislike tether for this reason.

    • maybe this is all fake and there is no actual money. that market cap on coinmarketcap.com is just a number on a screen. i call this the crypto matrix

    • dont worry, it will rise higher... like 20k

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