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Just an FYI. If you were looking at $WPR at all.
It just broke through a huge 2 Mln share sell order that has been holding it down for the last week. Might be your last chance.

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    • Oh, and they were also added to the Binance voting today and are currently leading.

    • https://www.binance.com/vote.html

    • Is WPR new?

    • It just came out of ICO stage about a week and a half ago. Currently on Huobi and IDEX only. I've been researching them for a while and was unable to purchase until after the ICO due to being a US citizen. So far this is my favorite long ALT. Love their plan and they are executing. But please DYOR.

    • What I love about them over POWR is that they are stricly Green energy. POWR has Nuke and Coal fired plants. WePower allows anyone adding to the grid to sell in an auction that will drive green prices lower and eliminate costs between buyer and sellers. You can literally buy solar off your neighbor if you want.

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For any US traders that were interested in WePower [WPR] and couldn't buy into the pre-sale.

They were listed on huobi today with no real announcement. So if you want your chance to get in at the Pre-sale price. Now is the time.

    • What did you buy?

    • ETH for now.

    • Profit off of others mistake. Like a true trader. ETH is a great buy. You'll EASLY make 200EUR profit for each ETH you buy. ETH is too strong and will recover.

    • Same, managed to scoop up a little bit in the low before BTC shot back up to 8k. Swapped it all into NEO and POWR.. That was moving up pretty quick at the time too. Good luck all.

    • so u would rather put 900$ for 200$, isn't better to find coin which went down at least 2x to invest that money in??

It is my opinion that many crypto traders are a lot less seasoned than stock traders, and get scared and learn lessons the hard way by selling on every news event.
I think the combo of the Korean exchange shutdown, China cracking down, Krakken blowing up for two days and Bitconnect adding more doubt, has just brought us to the next flushing of weak hands.

HODL people. HODL.

No scratch that.
Get ready to BUY!

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    • Soon the wave shall crest again.

    • DasMutang you made a good point. Nice observation. I think you're right

    • Totally agree, lesson learned for next time. Next time I'll be looking to sell a bit near the tops so I can load up at the bottom.

  • Method of tracking ALT investments across multiple exchanges/wallets

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  • 5%
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  • 30%
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    • I wrote my own desktop app. lol

    • for pc i use alt pocket for my mobile i use delta mostly

    • I am building a pretty sophisticated spreadsheet to track mine. And it still requires maintaining an online ALTPocket portfolio because I need to see an at a glance overview of where I stand in each holding. But it all still lacks and is tedious to balance back and forth.
      But I don't see any other way yet. Would love to hear your methods.

    • @toekken let me know if you get a viable mac version. I might be interested in donating to that project if it connects to the exchanges.

    • It is a java desktop application, so should be no issue. I'll upload a screenshot

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Really wish I wasn't a US Citizen for many reasons these days.

But today specifically is because I can't get in on the WePower ICO.

Really loving that project.

Anyone of my friends across the pond want to pick some up for me during the ICO?

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    • Why u cannot do that?

    • Similair to Power Ledger?
      Where is this project based?

    • @Victor European with Lithuanian top founders.

      @waduhekman Because quite a few ICOs are concerned with future US regulations causing them nightmares. So you have to wait until after they hit the exchanges. Sucks!

    • Here is a good FAQ session.

    • You can also have a relative overseas invest in your behalf. Alternatively, start a corporation in a foreign country and buy in that way.

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    • Damn, perhaps one should grab a few while we're at it

    • I moved some of my holdings yesterday just until the fork happens. I'd expect a few more may do the same. So you might want to prepare to move back out of BCH in case it takes a fall after that point. Not sure it will. But has the potential to.

    • How exactly does the fork work in terms of if im holding BTCH do I get an equal amount of CDY Candy to what i hold in BTCH when the fork takes place. / How do i access these new funds? Cheers

    • 1BCH = 1000 CDY
      So wherever your current BCH holdings are. After the fork you will also receive CDY in the same account.

      When BTC Forked to BCH I was holding on Coinbase and it was very smooth. By what I am told the same should happen no matter where your holdings are wallet/exchange.

  • What is your 24 hour portfolio range right now?

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Hi Bob. What time will be the meeting ?
Hi Megan. It's at 2.30PM
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Yes sure. I invited them as well
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Yes, sure.
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Thanks Megan. I will see you later.
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