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  • About Me: On the way to the millions and more! And failing many times along the way!
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Are there any XBY holders here? Im going back and forth on going on it as I like the value proposition, the team and the community on Reddit. Im not quite sure whats holding me back tho. It could be that its simply because its "another platform" but I like it coz it kinda gives me a similar vibe to XRB.

    • I had XBY. I really liked the project but then I sold it for VEN. I hope I don't regret it but XBYs claim to fame was 10k TPS and VEN says it could scale to 10k TPS and it has a lot more going for it as far at partnerships etc. I still like XBY and it made me some $.

Forgive me for making a post like this, but because it seems to be a more obscure popular coin; who else made a killing on Oyster Pearl? I only invested a few bucks but it went mad. And the project is really cool as well. :) Looking forward to seeing it develop!

    • Which exchange is it on? I know I can go to Coin Market Cap but I'm feeling extra lazy this Sunday morning in my PJs.

    • Among others, Cryptopia. I think it 4 times on me. :)

    • I invested for a day, and swapped the next one for raiblocks. Instead of making a huge benefice, i end up with a big loss !

      It is also on Kucoin.

    • So much love here !

    • I am at 17x with this and I think it will get up another 10x during 2018

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Guys and gals, I'd love to hear some of your Crypto fails! I will completely admit, to make myself feel better about some of the poor choices I've made so far. Which of course, are only visible in hindsight.

What are the horror lowlights of your crypto adventure? What trade still makes you shudder?

A few from me:

- Selling my 3 "boring" ether for some random altcoins and seeing ether increase from 420 to 700 in a few days.

- Selling 2 ether at 720 (bought at ATH and doing nothing) for XRB only to see it shoot up to 900 less than a day later.. :(

Ether has been messing with me badly so far.. But Im a newbie here and I'm sure mine are rather mild compared to some.. :D

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    • Bought 6 litecoins on all-time-high... triggerfinger

    • Ouch.. yeah I blocked that one out.. Got 3 as well when they were close to 300 and never saw a hint of green.. :D

    • Tried to be clever buying Tron and entered a buy price but messed up the place value and bought at about 30% higher than it was. Thankfully it's done well since.

    • In general its not buying (ignoring BTC in 2010) or not buying enough (see XRP and ADA).

      I did sell half my SC stash before it pumped a few weeks ago (boo) but I sold it to buy RDD which then pumped so it wasn't all bad.

      With crypto, I tend to over-think. The things that have made me the most profit have been JFDIs (Just F--king Do It).

    • @mgibbins yeah Im also terried at times when placing my buy orders and decimals. :D Glad it caught up.

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  • I was just thinking about the possibility of a future Altpocket Conference. Would that be cool?

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  • 29%
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    • I would rather participate on developing the site. As a graphic designer from germany I hate seeing some of these bugs and mistakes in design questions.

  • Where do you store your coins and in why? Just recieved my Ledger, but am not sure how many coins and which ones I should transfer to it, also out of fear of losing it!

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    • I store my stuff on my ledger so I don't get goxxed. If you lose your hardware wallet you can restore it apparently. But try your hardest not to lose it. You can do it.

    • Hahaha, thank you for the support, I'm getting my mind right now :D Maybe not the best reason, but I guess I also enjoy knowing that I'm a bit more liquid having it online. However.. I do admit I'm definitely a more... ehm.. emotional investor.. :D

      Do you also store all of your coins on a hardware wallet, or keep some "play money" around online?

    • Hardware wallets are great, and as long as you have the 24 word seed, you can recreate a ledger if it's lost or stolen. I reccomend sending small amounts to the wallet to test the addresses before you make large transfers. It costs a little more, but it's worth it to not ose thousands of dollars in crypto

    • And definitely keep play money. You'll want it laying around in case you can catch a pump on time

    • To be 100% safe from hackers, a hardware wallet is best. Then a paper wallet is free and almost as good if its hidden well. I am probably going to "vault" (hodle) some crypto on one or two paper wallets hidden/locked up in different places to prevent that emotional/spontaneous buy..

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What are your opinions on Bitcoin futures? Seeing outside investors bet against, and Bitcoin whales betting for, it will be an interesting time regardless.

Do you think Monero/Dash or any other "privacy" coin will grow because of these futures?

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Megan wrote
Hi Bob. What time will be the meeting ?
Hi Megan. It's at 2.30PM
Megan wrote
Will the development team be joining ?
Yes sure. I invited them as well
Megan wrote
Noted. For the Coca-Cola Mobile App project as well ?
Yes, sure.
Please also prepare the quotation for the Loop CRM project as well.
Megan wrote
Noted. I will prepare it.
Thanks Megan. I will see you later.
Megan wrote
Sure. See you in the meeting soon.
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