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ANyone have a good alternative to buy base currencies with a visa debit card other than changelly or bitstamp. Neither are working at the moment and I'm missing out on some damn good trades at the moment... #HELP

    • If you’re using debit you’re not funding from debt so just send a bank transfer via Revolut (my one today took 7 hours from UK to Bitstamp)

    • @dullarddist Not sure I understand, my friend. I typically use Changelly but their network is slammed. You're suggesting I use a bank wire? Why not a debit card?

    • This one: https://spectrocoin.com/en/signup.html
      [ No referrals -James ]

    • cex.io
      I'm from the UK and use my debit card for funding

      takes seconds.

    • @chipped1 Unfortunately, they've suspended new user registration, but thanks!

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    • if they have linux wallets use tails+wallet+cold storage?

    • Not familiar with tails. I don't have Linux either. On a Mac or iPhone. Any suggestions besides converting to BTC or ETH to store?

@Svensson Hi there! Wondering if you'll have a percentage of portfolio visual for the upcoming investments section. It would be awesome to see what percentage each coin represents in your overall portfolio. Just a suggestion but I'm sure you guys are all over it!


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    • You're going to want to roll with the fresh 1664 x 320 and if you got a little space left mess with it and try 1668 x 320 or 1664 x 325 etc. but the first one should work fine :)

    • #Rockstar!!! Gracias!

Hi @Svensson Wondering if there's a way to make updates to a manually entered investment? For some reason my purchase of POWR is showing that I bought it for $0.04 when I paid closer to $0.99. I want to ensure thagt my investments are tracking accurately. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Click on the three points in the corner to edit the investment position. I think then you can even click on the BTC currency to change it to USD. Only works in "edit mode", not in the step when you first add a coin, I think.
      Choose a point for decimals, no comma and care for "total paid" or "paid per coin".

    • Thanks for that. When I click on the ellipses on the right, it gives me a selection of how many rows I'd like to see. I don't think it's an edit button, my friend.

    • In box.layout (not table view) the three points in the right top corner of the box. The same points as you got here in the comments, when you want to edit your comment.

      You must put "condensed tables" off in your setup. So every single trade must have a single box. Then there is the "edit" button behind the three points. Check this.

    • That worked like a charm. However, even after entering the correct "Total BTC paid" amount, the investment is still showing the wrong bought at amount...

      Maybe @svensson can take a look into this. Cheers mate!

    • Hi @InstaGraham,

      We are currently working on re-doing the whole pricing/investing system so this should be resolved in the new system (we will hopefully role it out next week)

      Feel free to check it out here: www.altpocket.io/my

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If you guys aren’t familiar, check out the iOS app called FollowCoin. They host some of the top crypto traders in the industry sharing their buy/sell advice absolutely free right now. I’ve acted on 3 advices and each of those trades has seen triple-digit percent returns. It’s the real deal. They also just launched their ICO (FLLW). Get it while it’s pennies on the dollar. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

    • Always been told "Every token is a scam", pass.

    • Errr. Why ICO? What does the coin do? Just give money to founders and not give them back?

Anyone know of a better way to track your portfolio from the Ledger Nano S? It's currently a huge pain in the arse to have to load up several apps to see your current balances on the cold wallet. Any ideas would be appreciated. Cheers!

Hey guys,

Any reason why I'm showing a negative number in my "Invested" column? Any help would be appreciated.

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    • Same here? Can't zero out accounts to do a clean reset?

    • have the same problem - showing a massive negative number, after i put in a small amount

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Megan wrote
Hi Bob. What time will be the meeting ?
Hi Megan. It's at 2.30PM
Megan wrote
Will the development team be joining ?
Yes sure. I invited them as well
Megan wrote
Noted. For the Coca-Cola Mobile App project as well ?
Yes, sure.
Please also prepare the quotation for the Loop CRM project as well.
Megan wrote
Noted. I will prepare it.
Thanks Megan. I will see you later.
Megan wrote
Sure. See you in the meeting soon.
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