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  • About Me: Just a typical crypto investor/mentor. Started off with $50. Ended up with $176 currently. BTC donations: 1Js4S8nEAQduYSv3uoPcM13WfUNawtvipt
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Anyone wondering where I was, I've been accumulating BTC in my main. Just as you were wondering (again), this is my sub account. I've been collecting BTC since 6k.

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    • 6000 Btc?

    • @Dalavert since the price was 6k

    • Thanks for showing up now and bragging when things appear much better

    • How many BTC ?

    • What's there to brag? @ManiMoto Mind explaining?

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Mid-Long term coin suggestion: $BON

// Ranked: #455
// Price per BON: $1.17 USD / 0.00010674 BTC
// Circulating supply: 11,290,301 BON
// Total supply: 21,745,688 BON

$BON is by far the most undervalued coin (serious matter). Giving it's low market cap with a 13 mill and it's low circulating supply, 11,290,301 BON, it's really a gold that is underseen, in its yet-to-moon stage. The coin is about a multi-purpose wallet - Being able to store more than 100 different cryptocurrencies (more to be added) and comes with a virtual and physical plastic card - has low exchange rates of 1-2% and a 1.9% rate for transaction costs and it's FREE. Takes nothing to register. Safe and sound your coins are kept, you can literally pay for anything and includes Paypal and bank transfers in your card/wallet and has no limits and transactions.
Side note: Twitter has started shilling this coin a LOT. It might be big in the coming weeks/months.

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Was thinking if I should start up a telegram/discord group to provide free and paid calls. Donation is really appreciated (Thanks to a few who donated!). Leave your comments down below!

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    • an interesting thought

    • An actual informative post I’ve noticed on here. Thanks!

    • @Kenneth where should i buy it? cryptopia, etherdelta or coinexchange

    • @jaykch Cryptopia.

    • Cryptpopia with all the other ****coins

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Short-term coin call: $ELF

Stoch RSI is good, neutral MACD
Probably good to wait for a dip.
11800 - 12100 satoshis
First - 14000 satoshis
Second - 14800 satoshis
Third - 15500 satoshis

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Long term coin suggestion: $ARK

Under valued and a solid coin. It has Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) system doesn't consume the electricity of 159 countries like bitcoin. Fast, scalable and sustainable. It has its smartbridge and ecosystem technology which is pretty outstanding and applaudable, the team also has big projects coming up so we'll expect more from ARK's growth.

'Ethereum killer 5.0' - some random guy who doesn't want to reveal his name

Predicted value: $15 in coming months

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Hello all, I am truly sorry for being MIA over the past few days. The market has been depressing and bearish so I decided to take a few steps back and enjoy life for a bit. I have also been doing TA so, I'll be giving more solid calls over time. And yes, I did reset my investments, I am have only included Bittrex, leaving Binance and Kucoin at the side. Thank you.

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    • Welcome back! I was starting to think my financial adviser went on vacation. Lol.

    • @DaCryptoDude Haha, I can't take that godly position to be your financial adviser, my skills are still up to no good yet. But hey, glad to see you around the community! Doing good?

    • @Kenneth - Yeah so-so. Just fully recovered from the BCC meltdown. But I'm more motivated now than ever. Hbu?

    • @DaCryptoDude Good to hear! I was really mad about BCC's news and yeah I'm doing pretty decent too. Waiting for coins to recover slowly.

    • @DaCryptoDude I didn't see bcc in your balances or sold investments. How deep were were you in it? And did you get anything out. Damn ponzi schemes!

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Mid-Long term coin suggestion: $BNB

Binance, the top-ranking exchange platform, came out with its distinctive coin ($BNB) for trading has managed to plant a spot at #30 at Coinmarketcap. With a strong team that respects simplicity, refining and most essentially, recognizing and listening to the voices of the users, the user base has grown and has overtaken the king of exchange platform Bittrex. As time passes by, Cryptocurrency will be a much more layman word, discussions and news reporting on the ideology of buying it. Users using $BNB will be much more beneficial on Binance as the fees are cut short, people with a large sum of money will find it tax relieving. The coin itself has grown more than 500% the past month and has set its foot to achieve more. There will be burning of coins to set its supply cap low, to maintain its value overtime.

Predicted value: $50 by June 2018

To read more about it:


Hey everyone, I would like to thank you for your attention! If you would like to see more of it, I'll be posting it daily at 13:00 GMT. Please leave a like and follow for more news. :)

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    • I agree. You should take a look on KCS (Kucoin Shares) too. It holds it's value during bitcoin corrections (as BNB does too) and has massive potential.

      Binance's daily volume is over 4 billion usd. Kucoins is currently only 200 million but is growing exponentially. It has similar business idea as Binance so it could very well grow as big as Binance is. Just imagine the price of KCS at that point.

      Kucoin Shares have more interesting idea than BNB. Kucoin will share 50% of the exchange fees to Kucoin Shares holders as COINS! So just by holding KCS at Kucoin, you will earn coins every day. And as those coins increase in value....

      So I think BNB and KCS are pretty solid investments.

    • Invested $100 when it was $3.50. Sitting on $600 now so I definitely agree.

    • @akoljm Definitely! Good thing that you mentioned about KCS, wanted to give a post about it but was thinking that $BNB has to come first haha. Thanks for sharing it to us!

    • @DaCryptoDude Big gainz!

    • @akoljm Im a big fan of KCS and purchased 100 shares recently. Now still debating on getting some COSS. I also believe 100% in investing in the popular exchanges. Just wish I saw it sooner. ;)

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Long term coin suggestion: $ELF

$ELF is one of the hottest coin, can be found in Coinmarketcap ranked #72 at this point of time, and is one of the valuable project investors look forward to. $ELF upgrades the blockchain technology, bringing scalability to work and most importantly, to enhance the existing blockchains performances while using Linux like framework ecosystem - one of the utmost mechanism that is essential to the blockchain world. As a keen investor, I researched more about it and found it was lead by a team of well known developers from China. It is a massive project that focuses on upping the game of crypto and has strong competitive investors all over the world and lastly, has a very low supply cap. It is predicted to hit $6 and above in the coming months.

To read more about it: @oxfordcrypto/a-complete-guide-to-aelf-formerly-grid-the-polkadot-of-china-partnered-up-with-fbg-draper-dragon-gbic-decentraland">https://steemit.com/ethereum/@oxfordcrypto/a-complete-guide-to-aelf-formerly-grid-the-polkadot-of-china-partnered-up-with-fbg-draper-dragon-gbic-decentraland



Edit: reposted to correct certain errors.

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Long term coin suggestion: $LMC

$LMC is actually an undervalued coin that actually has a high amount of ROI if bought at a reasonable price and held for a long period of time. It uses PoS currency that many smart contract supports, provide geo-location services and also has a solid team developing on their own fundamentals and application (LoMoStar). They are from China, with over 50 developers that are producing and improving their quality work for over 350k+ users in mainland China. It really is truly undervalued as many projects and companies have yet to treasure the true value of the strategic and useful fundamental.

More details about it: https://imgur.com/a/RZNOH

Credits to: https://hackforums.net/showthread.php?tid=5782987
and https://hackforums.net/showthread.php?tid=5776321&highlight=lomocoin

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    • I'd like to suggest Dime as well. They're picking it back up and are getting ready to release all the latest: roadmap, wallets, website, etc...
      I think given it's current value, you can get a substantial amount for as little as $20, and hold.

'The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.' - Warren Buffett

Heads up if your portfolio is down, better days are coming! Endure the bloodbath and everything will be fine!

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    • Just HODL my friend! And of course buy more!

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Hi Bob. What time will be the meeting ?
Hi Megan. It's at 2.30PM
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Will the development team be joining ?
Yes sure. I invited them as well
Megan wrote
Noted. For the Coca-Cola Mobile App project as well ?
Yes, sure.
Please also prepare the quotation for the Loop CRM project as well.
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Noted. I will prepare it.
Thanks Megan. I will see you later.
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Sure. See you in the meeting soon.
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