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The primary function of every market is to transfer money from the many to the few.

Before you panic sell or buy, think who you are buying from or who are you selling to.

HODL that ****.

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This is hilarious. First we see a wave of Tether FUD in Youtube... then the recovery of bitcoin slows down. Then Bloomberg publishes an article about the US government subduing Tether and Bitfinex - panic sell. Few hours later Bloomberg updates their article and reveals it is already 2 months old news, but the "damage" is already done...

Well, it was not actually any damage. This is healthy. And FYI - US government doesn't have any power on Tether nor Bitfinex, because they are located in HONG KONG and do not even take any US customers. They can cry as much as they want.

I am not a fan of Tether (far from it, please stay away from it), but this kind of market sentiment is actually GOOD. We get rid of the weak hands who are here for just for the money, and we get rid of thin air priced into cryptos.

This is good for the market and I kinda hope to see a Tether crash NOW, so we can start building up a more healthy future for this market. Everybody, please support this healthy recovery and SELL all of your Tether (if you have any), and REMOVE any crypto assets from exchanges which have USDT -pairings. Please REMOVE any of your silent support for Bitfinex and Tether. We do not want any monopoly -capital in this market, which Tether represents.

I am excited. How about you?

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    • I do not like tether. He was manipulating the market. I think it needs to be removed.

    • i agree with the last part, its good that we had to deal with this issue now, before it goes even bigger or things already goes mainstream which tether is a norm....

      but still, they are basically making counterfeited USD which makes it against the law wherever they are located

      i also hoped that tether would be proven as a scam now (because if they didnt do it now, maybe they would in the future)

      so at least we can get it over with and consider the dip we are experiencing now as a small price to pay for a healthier market in the future

Da Hongvei just said NEO tries to achieve 100k tps without sharding by 2020. Neo devcon ongoing.

@admins: I now see the option to select price in BTC in account settings. That is indeed a good addition.

But I have an idea to put this even further. Let me switch between USD / EUR / BTC / ETH at the investments page.

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    • I seem to be having trouble creating a portfolio that reflects the reality. My issue is that when I put fiat into ETH and the buy altcoin via ETH and try to put these into my investment manually, something goes wrong. ETH is not deducted properly, had to manually edit it later. Also, the sums of total investment and thus loss are too high. Ideas? I already set the setting to automatically deduct from my subs when spending ETH.

    • I agree with you... This would be good to switch between USD / EUR / BTC / ETH

The first NEO devcon will be held 30. and 31. of January. You can download the agenda and see the speakers here:

I HIGHLY recommend to take a look. This will be HUGE for the NEO smart economy, which just continues and continues to deliver extremely professionally.

A lot of different projects which are built on NEO will be there making announcements. Deepbrain Chain and Trinity for example.

I Expect NEO and everything NEO -realted to pump soon. The fact that NEO ICO's are sold out in 15-20 minutes tells everything about the quality of the platform and the ICO's.

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My top must haves for 2018:

#1 Bitcoin (good ol' granddaddy who sets the pace of the game)
#2 NEO + GAS (platform number uno)
#3 Nebulas (Google of blockchain)
#4 Trinity (offchain scalability solution to "wake up NEO..")
#5 NEX (decentralized exchange on NEO)
#6 Icon (interoperability of blockchains)
#7 Dragonchain (blockchain for business)
#8 Qtum (blockchain for business)

See? No Ethereum and no Ripple. I sense both going down the drain. The more I see Ethereum maximalism, the more I am convinced that it will totally clog soon. NEO will crush this game by offering a very broad band of solutions (for businesses, for banks, for dAPP's) with huge huge scalability.

I do not possess all of these picks at the moment (Trinity, Qtum and NEX) but definitely going to pick up some soon.

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    • I'm glad you called NAS. Good call!

    • I bought NAS 5.1.2018 before nobody talked about it. Now I see Youtube waking up on NAS. I see plenty of short term potential (mainnet launch soon) and also long term potential. I am in it on long term only at this point, since I do not have any free assets to fork into short term position.

    • The case against NEO:

      * NEO has centralization issues. consensus is achieved by 7 full nodes, all controlled by NEO (a Chinese company...). This is a joke of a blockchain and begging to a, be hacked. b, government intervention.
      * Running tokens on NEO has effin expensive. That's why they have so few.
      * Their scalability is untested compared to ETH (which handled more than transactions than ALL other chains COMBINED)

      Just my two cents @akoljm @Kenneth

    • @badstars thank you for your comment.

      1) NEO is not CENTRALIZED while it is not DISTRIBUTED network due to its dBFT governance system (distributed byzantine fault tolerance). Decisions to change the NEO network needs a supermajority, 66%, to pass and this prevents any one group from dictating it. At the moment NEO is not well distributed, so it is kinda pseudo-centralized because there are only a few nodes. But NEO network is just beginning to scale, so it will become better DISTRIBUTED. This is happening as we speak.

      In contrast, BTC is controlled by few mining pools. BTC is very well distributed, but at the same time, quite centralized.

      What people need to understand is decentralization vs distribution.

      NEO is also working to comply with any regulations and is co-operating with Chinese government. Expect an ICO-ban lift sooner or later - NEO moon.

      2) Running contracts made "expensive" on NEO is a GOOD thing. We do not want to see 95% of ****ty money grab ICO's like the case is in ETH. ICO's on NEO are only just getting traction by real companies with real ideas. And not just money grabs. The amount is increasing all the time and a very good of them seem like pretty solid stuff, which at least I like to see!

      3) Scalability is 10 000tps vs ethereum's 15tps (and after Trinity wakes up NEO, it will be basically unlimited). ETH was clogged up by just one popular contract, Cryptokitties. ETH is clogged even as we speak. Just imagine what happens when all of the contracts planned on ETH start running. Investors will get hurt.

      4) NEO has currently 5 supported programming languages, and they are planning to add more, while ETH has support for only one. This is huge.

    • @akoljm thank you too. High level to be on altpocket :)

      1) Yes, I was describing the current state, it needs to change and it will probably take time. And yeah, comparing to BTC isn't really relevant IMHO.

      2) I see what you mean with all the **** ICOs/scams. But NEO IMHO is way too expensive. Think I read $50000 per smart contact (don't remember source...).

      3) Theoretically yes. Proven tech gives you this: https://i.imgur.com/DLKuXtr.png

      Sure, NEO may claim to have better tech but they have yet to prove it.

      4) Agree, this is a big advantage.

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Dear bitcoin. Please dip once more, a little bit lower. Would like to meet you at ~8k with my dollar$. Please give me one more chance.

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    • Second that. I prayed to the crytpo lord last night

    • Maybe many more are praying it goes up. Hehe

I predict 1 BTC = 999 999 USD 1.1.2020. Then I will be sitting inside my tulip decorated Lambo and watching Youtube -livestream where John McAffee is eating his own penis.

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    • Gayyy

    • made my day!

    • Decorated with tulips? I'd rather eat my own penis. And I'm from the country that's famous for their tulips ;-)

    • Lol. Y’all craaazy.

    • @sdegroot I am referencing to tulip mania where bitcoin is often compared as a bubble in the news and media :)

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Give me a break. DCN on a pump again. The last one will put the lights out. If you are buying DentaCoin, you are part of the problem.

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Seeing a dead cat bounce now. We barely have touched the 100d moving average. I believe we will make another flash crash to ~8.3k USD, there is where I am looking for a buying opportunity. Might be wrong, but I kinda hope to get another chance to get cheap bitcoin. But don't get stressed out, whether this happens or not, the market IS GOING TO recover, we are gonna moon later for almost certainly.

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    • I waited out too long on picking up some BTC, thought it was gonna hit 8k for sure and be in the high 8s.

      I think this time around i'm hoping to get some more ETH at the cheap.

    • I am looking to buy ETH at around 0.07 BTC / ETH. ;)

    • @akoljm hah!

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Megan wrote
Hi Bob. What time will be the meeting ?
Hi Megan. It's at 2.30PM
Megan wrote
Will the development team be joining ?
Yes sure. I invited them as well
Megan wrote
Noted. For the Coca-Cola Mobile App project as well ?
Yes, sure.
Please also prepare the quotation for the Loop CRM project as well.
Megan wrote
Noted. I will prepare it.
Thanks Megan. I will see you later.
Megan wrote
Sure. See you in the meeting soon.
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