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  • About Me: Passive income investing first and foremost. Feel free to ask me anything.
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about to distribute their first dividend in 10 days. Price holding almost at ICO price(dollar wise, BTC wise it increased) due to the overall bear market which for a security compliant token with a working product sound like a great deal. Might be worth examining if you re looking to put money into something these days.

@Edwin majority of reported bugs is resolved, one, in particular, that is not though and is important is the valuation of BTC. I cleared my portfolio, pulled all pairs via binance import and my BTC holding again show unrealistic gains(both in % and value).

    • Taking a look now =)

    • Resolved!

      • Thanks, that seems to resolve the issue for all but one case, toggling BTC prices. There the total profit made is still extravagant(19BTC showing now) and the total profit shown is likewise off. Should I make a clean import once again or its something extra to be fixed?

@Edwin cant access my portfolio (by clicking the main portfolio link in the side bar) for the last 24hours. Some update must have broken it for me.

    • Will take a look soon! In the meantime, https://altpocket.io/portfolio/clear
      will clear your portfolio if you're okay with a reset.

      • Thanks but seems I cant access this functionality through a direct link as proposed so I ll wait for a fix.

    • Solved.

      • Worked, thanks for re-introducing the All pairs (once per 24h) button as well.

      • @mpeis007 I never re-introduced it haha, it has always been there but it shows up every 24 hours, if you use it once, we will cache that you used it and it will forget it after 24 hours, let me know if it bugs again.

re-opened their (official) faucet, where you can claim free Zen every 20hours
Good opportunity to get started
Link: getzen.cash

Bugs part2:
apart from what is not yet done from my first post yesterday:
-Deleted portfolio and re-imported and now my BTC value is up thousand % (obviously not true) and BTC total value at 120BTC total.
-Verified icon for imported investments and hide zero holdings: same as fixed in portfolio view of previous comment but changes to be propagated to
Profile Holdings view as well that is no missing both of those.
- adding pairs to import @Binance, missing at least BTC-LOOM pair(potentially more?)
-Check responsiveness of new layout, somewhere between half a pc monitor's size(roughly) and pixel threshold of the mobile menu, design is broken.

    • @Edwin more on the above
      the BTC discrepancy shows when toggling BTC values
      Please also re-consider enabling the import all pairs functionality once per day outside of premium users since for now I cant seem to find which pair is missing and some holdings are off which make the portfolio depiction inaccurate as a whole, which definitely is discouraging for people wanting to use 2.0.

      UX Improvements:
      Make the zero/dust holdings an actual on/off toggle so people know the current state of it without guessing.
      In the dust threshold setting, specify what the limit depicted pertains to (USD value, BTC value) the user is currently selecting based upon.

    • Thanks for taking the time to report everything!

      We really appreciate it, Edwin will go through the list shortly.

    • @mpeis007 Thanks for the feedback, here is my response to everything, maybe not in order of what you wrote but please go through them:

      1. Added a check for BTC holding so it is not multiplied by its $ price.
      2. Verified Icon for imported investmetns and hide zero holdings? What do you mean by this.
      3. Loom is now available in list and every other missing token, due to caching issue.
      4. Keep in mind that zero holdings is now never displayed, this is due to it is causing frustration and questions, holdings will now only display if amount is more than 0
      5. Added an info hover beside dust threshold to explain what the threshold is held to. https://i.imgur.com/9SWJqlL.png

      6. Made Dust holdings toggle say "Hide" or "Show" depending on if its toggled on/off. https://i.imgur.com/PMJ17rj.png

      7. Everyone can import all pairs every 24 hours, this is because it takes up lots of resources and can cause rate-limiting if everyone could import all pairs everytime they want to update, if you do it one per 24 hours you can just easily add whatever new pair you trade after that to the selected pairs.

    • Thanks!
      About some of those:
      1. I still see BTC value incorrectly https://altpocket.io/profile/mpeis007
      - holdings ( disregard if fixed but not pushed yet)
      2. the https://altpocket.io/profile/mpeis007
      - Holdings View isnt fixed to show verified badge for imported investment( in the same way as
      Portfolio view shows)
      6. right now it permanently says "Show" for me, dont know if its a cache issue or fix not pushed, if its live, disregard this.
      7. Right now when I go to Binance import settings, the last toggle(Import all pairs) show no message that its available every 24h, like it did on the first day, and doesnt let me toggle it on either(even though there has been plenty more than 24hours passed).

      For reference - things pending from part 1 of my bug report:
      -Icons missing for newer additions to the market (WAN/ONT/LOOM etc)
      -24h holdings gadget shows individual coin's % changes since their addition and not just 24h.
      - ability to remove coins from watchlist gadget(for now, you can only add new ones through the widget).

      ps I wrote this ~30mins ago, just didnt post so in case some of those are done, disregard them.

      • Ill take a look at these later, however you can remove from watchlist widget by clicking coin logo.

    • @Edwin thanks, just saw that. From a UX perspective it would probably be more intuitive to offer a side button that will have the option to remove a coin, just how there exists a side button on top of the widget to remove the whole widget. Keeping it consistent and all.

@Edwin @Svensson
Feedback on portfolio 2.0
After using Binance API to import I would like to note few things:
- Coins the account traded in the past but have 0 holdings currently, are still displayed.
- Take into account Binance's dust feature, that is right now small holdings that were traded in for BNB are incorrectly still showing in total holdings.

    • Click on the portfolio name in the top right corner, there you can hide:
      * Zero Holdings
      * Dust Holdings

      You can also set your dust threshold at Portfolio Settings.

      Try that out!

    • @Edwin
      Thanks, although hiding the zero holdings should be made into the default option imo.
      Also couple things that just came up, my apologies if they re taken care of and I missed it:
      - When adding the watchlist widget I can only seem to add new coins to it, not remove any existing ones. (EDIT: the watchlist from my portfolio seems to be propagated here, removing works fine from there, but removing through widget should be possible how it was in 1.0)
      -For the Holdings 24h widget: as the widget worked in 1.0 and I guess should be the case normally, the individual coins list shown displayed the % change for 24h, as it is right now, the numbers displayed there are for the lifetime of an investment(same as the ones you get from viewing your portfolio).
      - Holdings 24h widgets also shows zero/dust holdings I would like to toggle out(at the very least zero holdings)
      - The verified sign doesnt show up to differentiate imported investments to manual ones
      - Newer coins dont have their icons displayed correctly(be it on watchlist widget or holdings page) and default to stock one. ie LOOM/ONT/WAN etc
      Make it so those are directly taken from an outside source than stored internally in which case you ll need to add them manually whenever anything is add to CMC
      - When replying to a post of my own, I still get a notification for a new reply.

    • @mpeis007 Thanks for the feedback, will take care of all during the day.

    • @Edwin just as a practical note, making the zero holdings show as default is the correct choice imo. This is a site used by people day and swing trading, and to keep tabs on a closed position is really useful imo to let you know its trend and when to re-open a position.

      Thank you SO MUCH for all your work man. You're awesome.

    • @Edwin and wow comment publishing is WAY faster/better now!

      • Glad you like it!

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If anyone wants to enjoy a manipulated low liquidity show, feel free to go over to REP/BTC listing of Binance. 10% swings either way within minutes, feel free to gamble away :D
p.s. release date of their platform to main net announced today so these waves originate from this news being acted upon sporadically and erratically.
p.s.2 spike #3 and counting

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If you have any now may be the time to sell, whole market in red and someone just obliterated the sell side of bitfinex up to almost double price..

@Edwin all newer additions to CMC seem to be missing their corresponding icons on here since I guess those are internally fetched from the platform. Please update them or try to find an external source that will always be updated. Examples: Ontology, Wanchain, Loom Network etc.

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Megan wrote
Hi Bob. What time will be the meeting ?
Hi Megan. It's at 2.30PM
Megan wrote
Will the development team be joining ?
Yes sure. I invited them as well
Megan wrote
Noted. For the Coca-Cola Mobile App project as well ?
Yes, sure.
Please also prepare the quotation for the Loop CRM project as well.
Megan wrote
Noted. I will prepare it.
Thanks Megan. I will see you later.
Megan wrote
Sure. See you in the meeting soon.
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